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So.. Jurassic Park! They are filming in Hawaii right?

Anonymous : "why not live with my soul painted on my skin, baring it to the world" that fucking rules. I hope it turns out beautiful for you because with that attitude, you deserve it #spacepiratesforlife

Thank you so much. This is such a lovely and amazing message and completely made my day<3


Fangirl Challenge: Male Characters [3/15] Peter Quill/Star-Lord 

 Hi, I’m Star-Lord. I’m with the Guardians of the Galaxy. I’d flash you my business card, but my hands are too full of guns.

Chris Pratt meets and sign autographs for the fans in New York City this july.

So turns out my tattoo artist never had my design drawn up, he wanted to measure my leg first and stuff. But I’ve made the decision to go ahead with getting it. I spent a lot of the night thinking about why I wanted the tattoo in the first place and what it means to me (I combined two of my favourite things, space and pirates to remind me to always follow my dreams). I know there will be an adjustment period and I am okay with that, I am okay with the idea that I will not love it at first and will “regret” it like my other big piece for a few days, even a week, whilst I try and adjust to such a big change to my body. I have also accepted that not everyone will like it, I already get treated differently by many people because of the ones I have so there is no point stopping myself from doing what I want because of what others will think, and this is what I want. I know people worry about tattoos when they are older but I might not be here in a year so why not live with my soul painted on my skin, baring it to the world. (Hey, I can always cover it with jeans when I need to.)